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R18DrawSide.gif (13205 bytes)R18s from Estonia

Gristo's R18 TLE-mails and pictures from R18s come from all over the world! Here are the photo's and story from Gristo's Estonian R18s.

Hi! I'm from Estonia and I have a Renault 18 TL 1,4 (1981). Almoust half a year ago I had Renault 18 GTL Nevada 1,6(1982) too, but I sold it.

I got my Renault from my brother,who purchased another car. The Renault were then in very sad plight. It's engine was outworn, the front left wing was smashed-up and gearbox was broken-synchro. At start I wanted to sell it to the junk-yard, but they offered me 800 EEK (it's almost 50 dollars) and I didn't agreed with this. So I thought that I'll better fix it. I changed the engine - I bought it from the Volvo 343 (Volvo 343 uses Renault 1,4 engines). Then I fixed the wing, changed the gearbox and the car drove again.

Almoust 2 years ago I purchased a 18 GTL Nevada 1,6 (1982) (2xel windows,5 spd gearbox and central door lock) for spare parts(It didn't drive then), but then I thought that I'll better fix it. So I wanted to buy an engine for that car by newspaper. The man who sold the engine said that take the whole car with the same money. Offcourse I took it. It was a R18 GTS 1,9 (1980) That car had aluminium rims with three nuts. I put these on to my 18 TL -it made the car more beautiful. (I put that 1,9 engine to Nevada) So, fore a while I had three Renault 18s. I've sold the Nevada but I still got GTS and TL. The GTS is for spare parts. I want to say that thise cars are very comfortable especially it's seats-to compare with other such old cars. 

Gristo Joesaar from Estonia

Click to see larger version 


topR18.jpg (7006 bytes)


R18DrawSide.gif (13205 bytes) More is better!

Micke's R18 tripletIf you thought it's great to have one Renault 18, how about THREE!?!?! Swedish Micke Sahlström and his girlfriend own three identical red Renault 18s TS from 1980. The have run 312.000km, 213.000km and 205.000km. Micke also sent a lot of pictures of this R18 triplet. Here are some of them. Click on the thumbs to see them full size.

Img_0012.jpg (45391 bytes) Img_0003.jpg (76707 bytes) Img_0005.jpg (99168 bytes) Img_0011.jpg (114586 bytes) Img_0023.jpg (107339 bytes) Img_0017.jpg (58875 bytes) Img_0027.jpg (70564 bytes) Img_0028.jpg (60769 bytes) Img_0030.jpg (80450 bytes)


topR18.jpg (7006 bytes)


R18DrawSide.gif (13205 bytes) Renault 18 in disguise?!

Renault 18 in disguise?Is this a Renault 18? Yes it is! And it hasn't been tuned or tempered with!!! This is Aldo's American build Renault 18 TS. Aldo lives in Mexico and this car has been his dream car ever since he first lay eyes on one when the car was first released (that's a familiar story :-) ). Beside the different head lights and bumpers, I also noticed an other peculiar feature. Look at the second picture and notice the wheel...... My dad's 1974 Renault 12 had one like that!!!

Aldo writes about his car:

I am sending you one picture showing the front of my car, side views and the rims. This rims were for the more R18 and are not very common here either anymore because Renault was the only manufacturer in America using 3 lugs. However it is still possible to get this rims on second hand. ...That looks like a Renault 12 wheel to me!...My car should be a TS because has the 1647cc engine, has four speeds and at this time is rust free, it has had some small scraps and dents but no mayor damage on the body. All instruments work well, and I have all the car history, because the original owner sold this car 3 months before I bought it from the second owner. My car used to live in Mexico City and was taken to Monterrey (about 900km north of Mexico city) by a student who decided to sell it because his dad gave him a new Ford Escort. A week before he knew his dad would give him another car, I saw the R18 parked near to my home and put a note on the windshield asking to call me if he were interested in selling his car. I doubted some body could sell such a pretty and well maintained car, but I was lucky. I wanted a car like this since they were new (even the exterior and interior colors were the ones I wanted), but I didn't had money to buy it or when I looked for them on second hand never found one that were worthy. So, as exited as you can imagine I bargained with the student and got one of my teenage dreams (I am 33 actually). I have also a 1969 VW bettle, a 1998 Ford Mustang and a 2000 Ford Windstar, so the oldies are used just once in a while. I am lucky enough to have space in my garage to keep the VW and the R18 covered and safe.  As you will see in the pictures, the front bumper is a little bended, but I didn't want to fix it because it will loose the original crome, which still is in very good shape. I have changed all hoses, belts, fixed the electric generator, batery, brake pads, gas pump, etc. In the future I will repaint him in white, fix the front bumper, and try to change the transmission for a 5 speed gear box.

Best Regards!!


Click the Thumbnails to see the pic's full size.

Mvc-006f.jpg (50890 bytes) Mvc-002f.jpg (54427 bytes) Mvc-003f.jpg (48980 bytes) Mvc-004f.jpg (42793 bytes) Mvc-023f.jpg (58846 bytes) Mvc-005f.jpg (37353 bytes)


topR18.jpg (7006 bytes)


R18DrawSide.gif (13205 bytes) Swiss Renault fan

Danielle's R18 GTX breakDanielle Forster owned two  Renault 18 break's. Driving a Renault has become a sort of family thing. Her dad owned a 4CV, Dauphine, R5, R8, R10, R11, R12, R18GTL, R25.

"The R5 was my 1st, the white R18 second and the silver R18 my 3rd car. The R5 pic was taken during my first holiday by car in Italy. Both R18 pics where taken in the UK. I visited 1-2 times a year the UK by car in the 80ties. Its fun to drive on the left side!!!!"

renault5.jpg (27929 bytes) renault18Dan.jpg (30992 bytes) (click the pics for full size)

After driving a Land Rover Discovery for some years she got fed up with it and sold it for a brand new ...... Renault. A Kangoo this time.

Here you can find Danielle on the web. The site is mainly on snowboarding, but a Renault section might be added one day.


topR18.jpg (7006 bytes)


R18DrawSide2.gif (1382 bytes)Thomas Forsman's Red Renault 18 TL

Thomas' red Renault 18 Here are some Renault 18 pictures I received from Thomas Forsman. He lives in Sweden and made a great site about French cars. You can find it here. He owned a red Renault 18 from 1980, which unfortunately had to be scrapped due to severe corrosion. However he still owns a very nice Renault 17 TS you can find on his page.

Click on the thumbnails to see them full size.

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topR18.jpg (7006 bytes)


R18DrawSide2.gif (1382 bytes)Presenting: the R18 cabrio.

Presenting: The 18 Cabrio.This might be a missed chance for Renault: The Renault 18 Cabrio. I Wouldn't mind owning one of these!!! Unfortunately this one only exists courtesy of my photo editor :-).

topR18.jpg (7006 bytes)


R18DrawSide2.gif (1382 bytes)Bali Paez Ascanio's 1985 Mexican R18 2.0 litres

This is a Mexican Renault 18 with a 2.0 litre engine. One detail I noticed on the picture: It has the modern Renault logo on the grill, in stead of the old one with the stripes:

Bali wrote:

I have looking for r18 pages,and i find your page, i also have a R18, but this one is a 2.0 litres 1985, i live in Mexico City and i have my car since 1995, i really love my car, i equiped it with some thinks, but i try to preserve the original line, Here in Mexico the R18 has been produced frim 1981 to 1983 in the version 1647 cc (the same motor of the R12TS but without the weber carburator), The 2.0 liters version starts in 1984 to 1986 when Renault leaves the country. I never have any major troubles with this car, but i've a R18 station Wagon same year and the clutch gives me a lot of troubles, the remedy was to cover the cable with some heat resisting tape, and it never fail again.


topR18.jpg (7006 bytes)


R18DrawSide2.gif (1382 bytes)Elmar Werkman's Black 1981 R18 GTS

R18Werkman.jpg (36342 bytes)Elmar Werkman owns a superb R18 GTS from 1981. He lives in the Netherlands, and this is one of the last remaining R18's from the first series here.

Here's the story that goes the pictures:

This is my 1981 Renault 18 GTS. My father bought this car new in early 1981 and after about six years I bought it with 120.000 km's. I used it for three years, albeit not that extensively because I was a student at the time and I just had a proper bike to go to college (and bikes do not run on petrol but on pedal power!).

In 1990 I started working and got a company car, so I put my R18 to sleep in a dry and dark place. About 5 years later, I bought a house with a garage and I decided to start driving my first own car again. It was restored to an excellent condition (the basis was not bad after 9 years and 145k of service and the sleeping period of 5 years). The major overhaul comprised only of getting the brakes to work properly and some welding especially inner mudguards and the well known pieces of metal between the front window and the bonnet. All the work was carried out by a Renault dealer who liked to work on this 15 year old car, it took about half a year but only a fraction of the time spent was calculated. After that  I removed the interior for a very thorough cleanup and bought some new bumpers and some windowrubbers and strips which make the car look like new.

From 1996 I have been using the car at least once a week and now with almost 180k on the clock it is still running beautifully and it remains a pleasure to drive. The color is original Black and as a high spec model it has bronze colored windows, the headlamp wash and wipers and of course electric windows, central door locking and a 5 speed gearbox. My daily use of transport is a 1999 Laguna 2.016v RXI which really is a wolf in sheep clothing but driving my R18 still remains a special experience. In the Netherlands R18 are very rare nowadays, especially the ones with metal bumpers from the first series. Only a few 18 Breaks are around, nearly all of them a bit tired and rusty but still running.

The photo's are from 1996 and 1997 but now the car is in the same excellent condition. I tend to drive it with no rainy weather.

Click on the thumbnails to see them full size!

18 GTS-2.jpg (34948 bytes)18 GTS-3.jpg (33576 bytes)18 GTS-4.jpg (12295 bytes)18 GTS-5.jpg (38000 bytes)18 drawing 1.jpg (99211 bytes)5 vitesses.jpg (17839 bytes)


topR18.jpg (7006 bytes)


R18DrawSide2.gif (1382 bytes)Oliver Seegmueller's Renault 18

R18oliver1.jpg (39020 bytes)Oliver sent me a pic of his German Renault 18. He had to sell it due to the emisson based taxes in Germany and bought a R21 with catalytic converter instead. At the moment he drives a  Clio.

You can see his Clio here.



topR18.jpg (7006 bytes)


R18DrawSide2.gif (1382 bytes)Tangi's R18 GTD

R18tangi1.jpg (29547 bytes)Tangi made a very complete site on the Renault's 14 and 18. He owns a white R18 GTD of which he sent me two pics. (click the thumbnail to see full size)

<<< Click to see full size >>>(Click the thumbnail to see full size)



topR18.jpg (7006 bytes)


R18DrawSide2.gif (1382 bytes)Alejandro Di Benedetto Argentine R18

Nice R18 pic from ArgentinaAlejandro Di Benedetto sent me two R18 pics from Argentina. It's apparent that for real R18 enthusiasts Latin America is the place to be! The 18 was produced there well in to the nineties and Alejandro wrote that they even race them there. An 18 won the 1998 Argentina relly edition against amongst others a Renault Megane!

Alejandro drives an 18 GTD.

<<< Click to see full size >>>(Click the thumbnail to see full size)


topR18.jpg (7006 bytes)


R18DrawSide2.gif (1382 bytes)Mark Gunning's 1985 R18 TS

Mark Gunning's Red 1985 R18 TSHere is an other R18 on the shore, but on this side of the Atlantic. This one is from Mark Gunning, a Renault 18 enthusiast from Ireland who has build a site about his Red 1985 R18. You can find it here. He got stuck on this Nice 18 after having driven several different cars, including a Renault 21. Recently Mark also bought a R18 GTS from 1980 which he brought back to prestine condition. He sent me some pics of this "new" R18. Click The thumbs for a larger version.
 Click to see larger version Click to see larger versionR18GTS_mark.jpg (22448 bytes)

topR18.jpg (7006 bytes)


R18DrawSide2.gif (1382 bytes)Fernando Talero's Colombian R18

Fernando's Colombian R18 with his sisters on the bonnetAs I mentioned South America is the place to be for R18 enthusiasts. The R18 on this picture is a Colombian made 1985 R18 GTX. Fernando sent me the following story with it:

"A year ago I bought my first car. For just $ 5'500.000 pesos (about 2.600 dollars), it was a car with electric windows, central block, assisted steering and above all, a great 2000 cc engine. However, as soon as I got it, it started to fail, one thing then another. First it was the hydraulics system, then the radiator, etc.. and finally the worst it had rust from the trunk to the floor -not saying anything about this fool on his Chevrolet Blazer who crashed me, got me out of the road and then just got away (this is Colombia - sigh-). Well, the matter is that it was very disappointing for me, so I felt stupid for buying such a piece of junk and I thought the best would be to sell it and get rid off of the problem, but there was something about this car and me, so after a couple of months thinking very much about the choices, I decided I´d keep it and put it at its best performance. This car is like my pet, my partner and I do identify myself with all its great things. I love it and since I feel bad looking at its actual condition, I´ll be very satisfied cleaning, fixing up, changing, and doing everything possible with everyone of its parts until I get the car I want to see.

Well, thats all, and for the end, I´d like to add that when I made the choice of keeping my car, I made it because I saw that people all over the world, people like you, showed me that it is possible, when you have enough love for it, to make things rebird, to make them get all brand new again if you really love what you are doing."


topR18.jpg (7006 bytes)


R18DrawSide2.gif (1382 bytes)John Cowgill's restored 18 GTS Deauville

John Cowgill's restored 18Here is a fine loking late model 18! It is owned y the editor of the magazine of the Renault OC of Great Britain. He writes about the car:

The Deauville was a special edition in the UK at the very end of the production run and so has parts from R21, Fuego, 18. I think Renault used up all the bits they had left. It has chrome trim round all wheel arches and along the sills, the boot spoiler, and factory fitted sun roof. I've had the car 10 yrs and have just replaced the engine due to the rear crankshaft oil seal failing. The old engine had done 134,000 miles and was getting a bit tired. So with a different engine (a 1342 from a Fuego that has covered 60,000miles) and a repaint the 18 will be around for a long time yet. Body work is excellent, front wings have been replaced and passenger door, otherwise no repairs required.


topR18.jpg (7006 bytes)


R18DrawSide2.gif (1382 bytes)Patricio Quety's R18

This sporty looking 18 is owned by Patricio Quety.

topR18.jpg (7006 bytes)


R18DrawSide2.gif (1382 bytes)Indonesian Tuned R18

R18Mommy.jpg (20141 bytes)Although I try to keep my R18 as original as possible, you can tune the 18 to great extend. Here are some examples send to me by Mommy Destriasmono from indonesia. Here are some tuning tips:

I want to add some tips for lowering kit for R18... at her original coil spring, it too dificult for get your car low with 17 inches rims... I suggest to get use the coil spring from Mercedes Benz 200 thats more tiny than R18's. More specific from Mercedes made by 1975 or older. I try in my R18..and the results was quiet nice and more stabil. I send you the picture. Of course with some of my concept for R18 customizer. And so I got one like you have. With sandstone color.........Thanks for Everythink

Click on the thumbnails to see them full size!

B147FMMEMORYCAR.jpg (18906 bytes)greenfrance1.jpg (23793 bytes)blackfrance2.jpg (20359 bytes)R18_RONNY3.jpg (68122 bytes)rm6.jpg (79733 bytes)rm4.jpg (109144 bytes)SAMB5pu.jpg (38125 bytes)SAMB4pu.jpg (43716 bytes)

Here as well as here You can find Mommy Destriasmono on the internet.


topR18.jpg (7006 bytes)


R18DrawSide2.gif (1382 bytes)Alejandro's R18 GTX2

R18Alejandro.jpg (29719 bytes)hello, Im from argentina, I have a renault 18 gtx2, this car is the mejor 18 in argentina, all electric sistem, I send you this pic for you page sahara metalic...Ah, sorry for my bad english, I only speak spanish