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R18DrawSide.gif (13205 bytes)A detailed view of the R18

I get a lot of questions regarding technical details and diagrams of the R18, so I decided to add this page to my site. I will try to add new data to it from time to time. It's not my intention to scan my complete manual, but I will upload some of the most requested items. They are all in Dutch. Please don't expect a translation soon!!!

(All diagrams are from "Vraagbaak Renault 18" by P.H. Olving, second edition, october 1984, Kluwer technische boeken B.V. Deventer, ISDN 90 201 1616 9)


bulletWiring diagrams
bulletIgnition unit
bulletCarburettor data
bulletChassis number locations

Wiring diagrams

The wiring of the R18 varied through the years, so there are several different diagrams. I will add more later.

R18DrawSide2.gif (1382 bytes)Original wiring diagrams for all models between 1978 and 1981 (complete with the fingerprints of the first owner of my manual :-) )

bulletdiagram part 1
bulletdiagram part 2

R18DrawSide2.gif (1382 bytes)Legenda for all wiring diagrams after 1981

bulletlegenda for all wiring diagrams from 1982 on
bulletexplanation of coding part 1
bulletexplanation of coding part 2
bulletexplanation of coding part 3
bulletexplanation of coding part 4

R18DrawSide2.gif (1382 bytes)Wiring Renault 18 GTL - 1982:

bulletdiagram part 1
bulletdiagram part 2
bulletdiagram part 3
bulletdiagram part 4

R18DrawSide2.gif (1382 bytes)Wiring Renault 18 TS, GTS, automatic:

bulletdiagram part 1
bulletdiagram part 2
bulletdiagram part 3
bulletdiagram part 4

R18DrawSide2.gif (1382 bytes)Wiring Renault 18 all models 1983/84:

bulletWill be added later...


topR18.jpg (7006 bytes) Electronic Ignition

In 1982/83 electronic ignition systems were introduced in most R18 models. Here is the wiring diagram

bulletignition unit


topR18.jpg (7006 bytes) Carburettors

From 1982 the R18 was fitted with the following carburettors:

bulletR18 TL - manual gearbox - 1395 cc engines
Solex 32 SEIA / 747
Solex 32 SEIA / 775
Zenith 32 IF / V10407
bulletR18 GTL - manual gearbox - engine A2M 23
Weber 32 DIR 98
bulletR18 GTL - auto gearbox - engine A2M 26
Solex 35 EITA
bulletR18 TS/GTS - manual gearbox - engine A6M 25
Weber 32 DARA 38
bulletR18 TS/GTS - auto gearbox - engine A6M 26
Weber 32 DARA 39

As the Weber carburettors were most common, I upload pics and data of these models first.

R18DrawSide2.gif (1382 bytes)Weber 32 carburettors

bulletpage 1 technical data
bulletpage 2
bulletpage 3
bulletpage 4
bulletpage 5
bulletpage 6
bulletpage 7
topR18.jpg (7006 bytes) Chassis number locations

Sergey Dovganiuk from the Ukraine, asked me about places where the chassis number usualy can be found. After some e-mail communication he came up with this picture:

Thanks Sergey!