Bad plastics 2 – Wheels of time


All the small details count. So a clock that didn’t work and blisters on the (fake) chrome strip on the wheel annoyed me. Both are due to the bad plastics I mentioned in an earlier post.

Fixing these 2 minor details took quite some time. There isn’t a R18 with the old dash I know where the clock didn’t break at some point. A tiny drop of superglue to reattach the hands to the axles is all it takes to mend it.

But for that the whole meter unit has to be negotiated out of the dashboard. And only after a lot of penetrating oil and brute force the wheel wanted to come off… only to find that the wheels of Renault 18 models from 1982 and 1984 are not interchangeable. So the only solution was to very very gently pry the chrome strips from the wheels and swap those. In the end succes!

And now my R18 once again can tell time!

Look: no dash
Only a tiny drop
Power steering
1984 is not compatible to 1982
The result

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