leaky gearbox seal

After my first drive of the year the 5th gear was a bit shaky. A few day’s later I noticed the back end of the gearbox was leaking oil. Thanks to the Renault Oldtimers Club I found someone in The Hague with experience with these old Renaults. And luckily nothing major was wrong with the gearbox. Just a leaky seal from the selection arm. The noise/vibrations in 5th gear probably were resonance from the stickleavers.

Getting a fitting replacement seal was a bit of search. But it turns out the Renault 16TX has the same size seal. Some one specialized in Renault 16 parts supplied a replacement and my 18 is back on the road again! The old rubber seal had become rock hard.

Spring is here! But the weather so far looks more like winter, with hail and snow. So after a test drive the car is back his dry and shielded parking spot. But hopefully the sun will be out again soon, so I can take the old Renault for a spin again!

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