No rust would have been too utopian

When I bought my 2nd Renault 18 I thoroughly inspected it for rust. To my amazement the car was close to rust free.

I want to keep the car in this pristine condition. So this week a specialized company is giving it a treatment with Dinitrol.

These specialists turn the car completely inside out and look in every space and cavity the car has, removing panels and some upholstery. In the process they managed to find 2 hidden spots that need some additional TLC.

Beneath the right side of the fuel tank.
Top of the wheel well right back side, seen from the trunk .
Same spot seen from the wheel well.

A 36 year old completely original Renault with no rust would have been too good to be true. But still it’s an amazing feat that the car is in such good shape after all these years.

In one of my next posts I will give an update on the complete treatment and the result.

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