This is no Renault 18… or is it?

What kind of weird Renault is this? It’s the Renault Eve concept car from 1981. And it wasn’t just a concept meant to be pretty. It actually drove. And pretty well!

It had the underpinnings of the Renault 18, a super aerodynamic shape with a coëfficiënt of just 0,239 (compare that to the 0,34 of the Renault 18), the small 1,1 liter engine of a Renault 5 and a computer controlled DAF-variomatic like gearbox. The result: average fuel consumption of just 1 liter per 17 kilometers and a higher top speed than the R18. Pretty remarkable, considering this was 1981.

An item on British television about the Renault Eve
Renault Eve

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